Who I am

Salut !
Jerome Lachaud is my name. I am a front end developer.
I love coding web sites and mobile apps.
On my spare time, I enjoy hitting my drum kit.
Also, my Pasta alla carbonara recipe is well known in Poland.


Stuff I do

Mark-up, stylesheets and Javascript
are things are like the most.
I am also fluent in Wordpress theme & plugin development

Performance & productivity are my main concerns.

Therefore, I devote a great deal of attention to working processes and code delivery

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • Javascript

  • Wordpress


One more thing

I am currently based in London and I am not availbale for hire but you may still want to say hi or drop by any places I am currently abide on the Interweb. You may also want to check my old portfolio or why not even my older portfolio